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AGITO Medical offers the highest quality of service,  Our company has more than 50 CTs and MRIs under contract in Germany and Spain alone, and all equipment is maintained by our trained engineers.

Your uptime will be at a maximum with a service contract from AGITO Medical, as our spare part delivery time and engineer response time ensures a 98% uptime of your system. We can also customize the work hours of our engineers to fit your specific needs, providing great flexibility at low cost. Contact us for additional information about our services.



"The experience that we have with AGITO Medical has been and still is very satisfactory due to various reasons. The first is the cost reduction gained through the service contracts compared to our previous service provider. Also the service is fast and effective with an excellent treatment from the technical team as well as the commercial division offering a personalised technical service and flowing communication.

- Francisco J. Conesa Sánches, Salus Medicina






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