Used Medical Equipment


Selling Your Medical Equipment

AGITO Medical buys used imagingl equipment, as well as spare parts.

When selling to Agito Medical, we provide a complete solution, where we will handle everything from project management and dismantling to packing and transportation.


If you have decided to sell your medical equipment, you should contact us via the offer us equipment field on the right or via phone or e-mail.


If you are uncertain, about the quality of your medical equipment, do not hesitate to contact us. The majority of the time we will be able to make an offer for your equipment.



We recommend preparing a list with all information you have available

regarding the system(s) you want to sell.


The more detailed information you can provide, the more accurate our evaluation and consequently our offer can be.


Besides stating the type of the equipment, it is also important for us to know the brand, the model and the age of the system.


Giving us an idea about the actual condition or just directly emailing pictures of the equipment is also very useful. We will return with an offer and a solution on how to proceed as fast as possible.

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